provulo builds and hosts cloud-based services to help its customers design, optimise, automate, replace and move their business processes and workflows into the web-browser, in a cost-effective manner

With provulo there are no more time consuming and costly software rollouts - all updates are immediately available to users as they log in, there is no need to invest in additional hardware and software, there are no up-front development costs, you don't need any additional support staff (or training) and there is no per seat licensing; just ongoing savings and our simple, predictable monthly pricing model

FT, a household accessories manufacturer, uses the provulo purchase order automation service to take PDF based purchase orders from a major retailer (sent directly from their ERP platform and received as attachments via email), to extract each line item and insert them directly into their accounting platform without any human intervention, ensuring that every price is correct (and automatically preparing an exception report for a designated staff member if it isn’t) - the time consuming processes of capturing multi-line item purchase orders from over 200 locations manually over the course of 3 days using 4 staff no longer exists and all purchase orders are now captured prior to the opening of business at the start of the week

EE, a manufacturing engineering concern, uses the provulo platform to manage their end to end procurement process – requirements are captured from the initial bill of materials (and confirmed directly with their ERP system), suppliers who are to be invited are selected using the customer’s own business rules, invited via email and enter their responses on the provulo platform. The client adjudicates and confirms the selection directly on the platform, which automatically creates the required purchase requisition on their ERP system. Once the purchase order is approved, the provulo platform informs the winning (and losing) suppliers and then uses a set of emailed and live dashboards to manage the delivery of the ordered items. In addition, the client has also made use of the data and documentation collected to establish a document library and manage the performance of their end to end delivery. The entire solution is managed by 1 staff member

M, a medical device distributor, uses the provulo platform to manage their collection of patient and healthcare professional data for the purchase and delivery of medical devices – the platform ensures that all the required data and completed documentation have been provided and ensures that all the vendors in the fulfilment process have the information they need to deliver the critical devices and supplies on time

OC, a supplier of bottled water and other refreshments to corporate customers, makes use of the provulo platform to manage the purchasing for all of their franchises, from the franchise placing the order using location specific pricing, through to inserting the order directly into their supplier’s systems. As a result of using the provulo platform, the client has been able to double their rebate income and reduce direct to supplier franchise purchases completely over a 6-month period. The platform has also seen franchise purchasing grow by over 200% in the same period, with a significant headcount reduction to manage the process

R, uses the provulo platform to host a programme and project management service that is used by vendors to build out and manage project plans online that accessible by their parastatal stakeholders to provide comfort that the programmes and their projects are being delivered on schedule and under cost (and escalate when they aren't). The service includes facilities to manage down to specific task level, assign responsibilities and follow-up requirements, meeting minute capture as well as Gantt chart production. This implementation also makes of provulo's inbound and outbound SMS, Email2SMS and SMS2EMail services to capture updates and feedback directly from resources in the field, without the need for a smart device.

B, a telecommunications provider, makes use of the provulo platform to manage their lead to customer quote and implementation process. Leads arrive from multiple offline and online sources and are allocated to sales representatives by a general manager. Dashboards are used to manage all follow-ups and further prospect communications and quotes are generated by the provulo platform keeping all correspondence in one place (and to allow the customer to access them directly, if required). On quote acceptance, provulo manages the implementation of the solution via a direct integration to our client’s helpdesk platform and ERP system (including an external integration to a 3rd party credit checking provider). On-going customer communications are also captured using the same service enabling our client to introduce many customer relationship management best practices into their operations

CR, a branding solutions service provider, uses the provulo platform to aggregate several sources of real-time and collected financial data to generate the management reporting that they need to run their business successfully. Raw data is received via integration, email, in Excel, CSV, PDF and plain text format and is then extracted, filtered and then presented as a live dashboard that can be viewed on a mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc.). If done manually the extraction and compilation process would take more than 4 hours per day, was effectively out of date when finished and was only prepared once a week; by making use of the provulo platform our client has all of the information they need delivered via email and dashboard every morning

NP, a leader in Search Aware Content Marketing, Technical SEO and Content Marketing Consulting, uses the provulo platform to consolidate all of their reporting requirements across a number of different platforms and data sources. Data is imported from reports received via email, uploaded content and through a direct API integration to their content discovery platform partner and then used to deliver richer, more flexible and up to date feedback across a range of devices. NP have saved their account management staff alone, over 80 hours a month by no longer having to prepare, update, confirm and distribute management reporting to their clients.

DA, a distributor of handbags and fashion accessories, makes use of the provulo platform to manage their wholesale distribution business. The platform provides a full stock management solution (receiving, journaling, invoice, credit-note, consignment, invoice off consignment, return from consignment, financial reporting, payment management, exporting to ERP, etc.) and has replaced the need for a full-time staff member to manage it, at a fraction of the cost

OF, a franchised bottled water distributor, uses the provulo platform to manage all of their corporate client purchasing into their franchise network. Using only one staff member, they can provide customer quotes, build sales orders for draw down and place direct orders, all whilst seated in front of their customers. These orders are then placed directly on a franchise for delivery and managed through to arrival at the client using a single interface accessed by OC, their franchises and their corporate customers

TF, trade finance transaction processing platform, uses the provulo platform to provide an end to end trade finance sourcing, management, payment and auditing solution. This platform has also been white-labelled for a listed financial service provider and audited by one of the ‘Big Four’ audit firms from a security perspective. The solution enables our client to source receivables for factoring, to confirm the parties to the transaction as well as the legality of the transaction and then manage the entire process, ensuring that all the required documentation for all parties concerned (supplier, buyer, funder, underwriter, shipper, insurer and bank) is collected, verified and distributed. In addition, the client also makes use of previous transaction data for analysis purposes to amend future transaction requirements

PD, a facilities solutions provider, makes use of the provulo platform to build multi-location, multi-provider, multi-service quotes for multiple clients on a specific site. The platform helps our client select the required services, allocates persons responsible for collecting quotes, service provider feedback, professional fees and their distribution, mark-ups (per quoted line item), assists with building the quote output and then collects their executive and clients sign-off. The solution has reduced the quote turnaround time from weeks to hours. In addition, it is now impossible for clients to receive quotes containing input pricing (that is, not marked-up). Once a quote has been approved by a client, the solution then manages the entire procurement, delivery, payment and invoicing process through an integration to the clients ERP platform

M, a cellular network service provider, uses the provulo platform to manage their entire enterprise quoting process across 20 operating companies distributed throughout Africa, from the collection of customer requirements, through the identification and assignment of responsibilities for responding to requirements, to the compilation of the final quote (and verification of the contents) for presentation to the client. The service is made available to all of their staff as well as their partners and customers via a web browser on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

U, makes use of the provulo platform to provide a web-based practice management portal for lawyers, their associates, service providers, clients and any other related party to enable them to work securely from anywhere at anytime via any device. The solution was purpose built on top of the provulo platform to improve practice efficiency and lower costs. It takes care of all practice time keeping, expense tracking, billing, financial reporting, client management and communications, matter/case and document management, calendering and contact management needs in a simple, easy to learn and use interface

S, a private school based in Johannesburg, makes use of the provulo platform to manage all of their paid-for events. The service allows them to setup and direct events, set ticket counts and prices, process and confirm orders and to store all of the documentation relating to a booking. With 3 years’ worth of events captured the client is now also, using the data collected, better able predict event uptake and the resources required to manage them

and finally, provulo makes use of its own platform to build, manage and maintain all aspects of its billing structures and invoice and statement distribution. All Customers making use of the platform are managed via a single interface; invoice and statement generation, and email distribution happens within seconds at the start of a month and all payments are easily (and it certain circumstances, automatically) captured ensuring the entire process takes as little time and effort as possible.


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